Wayne's Daughters



We are a Seasonal Business.  We will be Opening Friday, APRIL 24TH, 2020!

Farm Location

Greenhouse Shopping Hours
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 9am-3pm
Saturday, Sunday & Monday
9AM - 2PM Daily

City Location

The City Location will no longer be open for retail,  It will be used as our secondary growing space. Come back to the Farm, since 1839!



2429 43d St.
Caledonia, WI 53108

What's New

New Greenhouse Directory

 With social distancing in mind, we have made several additions to our normal operations such as minimal contact checkout and our curbside pickup, but many are still interested in shopping our greenhouse. So, in order to provide you the most efficient shopping experience we have created a greenhouse directory. This will be posted onsite as well as on our webpage.  You can now plan your visit for a safe and easy experience. 

Come visit us this spring!

​Wayne's Daughters Greenhouses always has the newest selections of varieties.  They are always ahead of the game when it comes to all the different combinations in their planters and hanging baskets! Mom, Sandra, has passed on her creative qualities to her daughters.  They all design together!

Plant a vegetable patch


Looking for vegetable plants? We have that too! Farmer Wayne has a very large variety of the most hardiest selections for your garden! Come and find out some of the daughters favorites in their vegetable patch and why!